The Hardest Thing to Find is ???

Welcome to my new quarantine blog! Here in the Bay Area, we’ve been under “shelter at home” orders for almost two weeks. And since jewelry is a non-essential business, I’ve been furloughed (a nice way of saying laid off) from work. The only times I’m allowed to leave home are to go grocery shopping, to see a doctor and to walk Juno. So I’ve got a LOT of time on my hands. And what better way to spend my time than by writing about all the ways I’m spending my waking hours. The dream blog is still in development but includes a dream about driving up a very steep hill, one about baby Yoda and another where I’m screaming at someone.

Okay, it’s just after noon and I’m sitting on my couch wearing sweats, a robe and wool socks. I haven’t showered and haven’t brushed my teeth. So basically a typical Sunday. There’s no chance you’re going to see me looking like this so…*

Right. So now that you’ve stopped imagining me looking like “who did it and ran”, I figured I’d kick off my blog with a few tidbits about the last week…

Of course, we all know that toilet paper is really really really hard to find. I was at Target last week and the TP aisle was completely bare. There was a horde of people standing by the loading doors complaining to an employee that according to the Target website, toilet paper was in stock at the Emeryville location. Some even held up their phones to prove their point. The employee told the horde that everything was on the floor so if there was no TP, that meant they were sold out. Again.

But here’s the thing, the reason I went to Target wasn’t for toilet paper… it was for yeast! And they were completely sold out. And this wasn’t the first place I went. Berkeley Bowl – which is where I shop for groceries – was out of yeast as well. I managed to snag a few packets of quick rise but regular dry active yeast was sold out. I guess everyone decided to bust out their bread makers since flour was also in short supply. Then I went to Market Hall in the hopes that they would have it. Amazingly, they had some in stock. It’s Italian, comes in a can and cost me $5.50. All I can say is this yeast had better be good. I’m going to make a fresh loaf of bread tomorrow and I’ll report back.

Expensive Italian yeast

BTW – Target was also out of Mexican Coke. This was a real bummer as it’s one of my favorite treats. And no, regular Coke is not an adequate substitute. It’s Mexican Coke or nada. Also, I know my friend Scares hasn’t been able to find tofu. If there’s anything random that you’ve been unable to get, let me know!

I spent a lot of time in the kitchen last week. I made a frittata, baked fresh bread, made potato leek soup, baked French macarons and also a batch of lemon squares. Pictures of some of my culinary masterpieces can be found right here, along with the jigsaw puzzle that took me one day to complete (I should have gotten the 5,000 piece puzzle).

A quick note on the first image on the home page. In reading about how Coronavirus has literally ravaged the entire planet, a recurring image kept appearing in my mind – Earth with a “Closed” sign across it. Because that’s basically where we’re at at this stage.

I don’t want to drag this post out too much longer as I really should brush my teeth. My plan for this blog is to post every couple of days and create themes for each post. Topics could include but are not limited to: home fitness, personal hygiene, quarantine fashion, maximizing couch time, creating a manageable schedule, communication, binge watching (pros/cons) and the joys of a good nap. And here’s a picture of Juno doing what he does best…

Bottom line is we’re all in this together, even though we’re six feet apart.

*Here is a picture taken of my nephew Aaron and me just two months ago before seeing Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. I can clean up nicely, but right now I’m choosing not to!

2 thoughts on “The Hardest Thing to Find is ???

  1. 1. Jewelry is a necessary item.
    2. Do you do take out? I’ll get 2 frittatas and a dozen of the macaroons for starters….they look amazing!
    3. Stay safe and keep sending your thoughts 🙂


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