Couch Time

I’m not going to lie, Snug has been a little depressed since we got back from Carmel on Monday morning. He’s been lying around the last couple of days showing very little enthusiasm. Mind you, lying around was his primary activity at my mom’s place. The difference is that down there, he was on constant squirrel patrol and that made him happy. It gave him a sense of purpose. Here in West Oakland, squirrels are pretty rare. There was the one time that Juno caught an opossum in the yard and he’s never been more proud of himself. Every night after that, he would patrol the backyard looking for more critters. But since we’ve been home, he’s barely gone outside.

I’m happy to be home though the neighborhood is looking a bit more grim than when I left. This morning we were up just after 6am and took a long walk where I noticed lots of new graffiti… There’s this one building that has all these amazing tigers painted on the side and I was sad to see that someone tagged over some of the tigers. Maybe it was a statement against The Tiger King? I don’t know. But I always thought there was an unwritten rule against tagging over legit street art. I’ll share some pix on my next post of some of the cool street art in my neighborhood.

At the moment, I’m sitting here on the couch with the door open and enjoying the view. My Japanese maples are in full bloom now and they look beautiful! Once I’m done with this post, I’ll sit outside and get some sun.

So let’s talk about couches/sofas (feel free to look up the difference at your leisure) since I imagine we are all spending way more time on our couches than ever before. The key is to keep things “fresh” by moving around on your couch. Fortunately I have a very large couch that is almost 12 feet long and has a chaise on one end. It could comfortably sit at least six people before COVID-19 – now it seats two people with one zebra lying in between them.

Sitting up on one cushion in the morning, moving to a different cushion in the afternoon, lying across two cushions, sitting on the chaise, lying on the chaise… there are so many options. I had a lovely nap the other day lying across the chaise onto the next section. And don’t forget the importance of throw pillows and blankets – there is no such thing as too many pillows and blankets. Here’s what I’m talking about:

In order to maximize comfort, be sure to re-plump your cushions on a regular basis. Added bonus by doing this is that you can clean up any snacks that have fallen in between the cushions.

I’ve come to realize that when I’m “working” – I like to sit up on the couch. Now when I say “working,” that’s really a misnomer. Because I’m not really working. Working encompasses things like checking email, reading the news online, writing a new blog post, etc. When I’m watching TV, more often than not, I’m lying down. And I actually prefer sitting up if I’m on the phone.

Other activities are done on a stool in my kitchen – eating meals, reviewing cookbooks and/or recipes online, making grocery lists, paying bills, dealing with taxes and other grown-up stuff. Speaking of which, I made the egregious error of looking at my latest IRA statement from Fidelity and nearly cried like a little girl. Won’t be doing that again…

I’m not sure how long I’ll be home before I start getting itchy to go back to Carmel. I made a fresh loaf of bread and a big jug of green juice so once those are gone, I’ll reassess. A big part of the decision has to do with when California decides to re-open. I’m hopeful for mid-May but who knows? Honestly, the the thing I’m most excited about when things re-open is getting Juno groomed. I keep thinking that I should try giving him a little trim but I’m terrified to try. As it is, it is hard to tell the difference between Juno and this pillow:

Final note on couch time – be sure to get up every once in awhile and stretch your legs. I have a treadmill set up next to the chaise and I swear the thing just taunts me. But that’s a good thing – I’ll be doing a run later this afternoon. I’m thinking my next post will be about home fitness. Either that or a post about adventures in DIY dog grooming.

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