Spa Day

It might seem like I’m slacking on the blog but I’ve actually been very busy the last few days. First off, I bailed on West Oakland and am back at my mom’s place in Carmel. She left Wednesday morning and I arrived in the afternoon so it’s just Juno and me this time around. It’s really good to be back here for all the reasons mentioned in previous posts. Like my friend Holden (while pretending to be a judge) was saying the other week “Yes counselor, the court will concede that Carmel is nicer than West Oakland. Can we move it along?”

Before I left home, I had a lot going on. The big news is I have finally ventured into the realm of making sourdough bread. My friend Sonja gave me some starter that she had made so that helped a lot. I didn’t realize that making sourdough is a three-day process but it’s totally worth it. I also want to give a shout-out to my friend Mary who was the initial inspiration for me trying to make sourdough in the first place. Anyway, I decided to just make a single loaf in case things didn’t go well. I will admit it doesn’t look all that pretty from the outside – kind of a misshapen batard. I am ordering some bannetons to help with my shaping though it will be a few weeks before they arrive since fermenting baskets are considered a non-essential (dumb). But the inside looks damn good. Here’s the evidence:

It actually needed another 3-4 minutes in the oven but honestly, it tastes delicious! I’ve really leveled up my toast game. Note to Sonja – I am also ordering you a banneton as a thank you for the starter and for the fabulous mask!!

It’s funny how baking bread has become such a huge part of my life since sheltering-at-home. I’ve honestly never talked about bread so much as I have in the past six weeks. And I know I’m not the only one. What it boils down to is having the time to make it. But I am pledging here and now to continue to bake bread after this is all over. Because it’s worth it – there is nothing like the smell of fresh baked bread and it’s even better when it’s in your own house. Oh, and also because I like carbs.

Yesterday was a day of beauty for both Juno ane me. I found a dog groomer in Seaside who is grooming dogs out of her home and was thrilled that she had time available. Poor Snug – his hair was so matted that it took almost an hour just to brush him out. But it was totally worth it – look how handsome he is now!

As for me, there’s a woman in town who I know well and she was able to sneak me in for a mani/pedi since it’s her shop and we were the only ones there. Being able to do something “normal” was so wonderful. I rarely get my nails done anyway but having them done yesterday was a real treat. Here’s a picture of my hand – this is all you will see of me since the rest of me is still a hot mess.

I’ve got a lot going on this weekend. I’m making a batch honey butter (DM me if you want the recipe), I’ve got a 1,000 jigsaw to do and I’m in the middle of Save Me the Plums by Ruth Reichl, my latest audio book. Juno will be chilling on the couch and chasing squirrels as needed.

I’m going to wrap up this post with a haiku about grilled cheese sandwiches that I just composed:

Muenster cheddar melts

Between grilled buttery bread

Lunch is served. Eat up!

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