Pillow Sandwich

I’ve been back in rainy-ish Oakland since Monday afternoon and one of the best parts of being at home is sleeping in my own bed. Despite the fact that I live in a somewhat industrial neighborhood, West Oakland is surprisingly quiet at night and it’s rare that I hear traffic or people or gunshots (this is generally limited to 4th of July and NYE). But there is this one bird who annoys the f%$k out of me. He starts chirping around 5am almost every morning. This is NOT a nice sing-songy chirp and it’s not even a warble. No, it’s just a single, intermittent chirp. It reminds me of the sound that the refrigerator makes when you’ve left the door open. And he sits right above my bedroom on the roof. While I may love nature, I don’t like this bird.

Since staying asleep once he gets going is nearly impossible, there are two ways I’ve learned contend with Chirpy McChirptington… The first is digging out the earplugs. Pretty basic and works well. The issue is finding the earplugs. That means fishing around in the drawer in my nightstand (this always takes a minute) or getting up and going to the medicine cabinet (which is what I did this morning). The problem is either way, I’m now kind of awake and it’s challenging to fall back asleep. No bueno.

The other option is what I call a pillow sandwich. This works very well and takes almost no effort. I simply place my head on one pillow (I am a side-sleeper) and then place another pillow on top of the exposed ear. So now my ears are cocooned between the two pillows – a perfect pillow sandwich! All sound is muffled – or non-existent with the case of the annoying bird. This process takes a couple of seconds and I am back asleep immediately.

The pillow sandwich is also effective when sleeping next to someone who snores, though if the snoring is super loud, then I would recommend using earplugs as well as the pillows. Oh – and if your pillows are different weights, the heavier pillow should go on the top ear. If the pillow is too light, it doesn’t block out the snoring/chirping . You’re welcome.

On the entertainment front, I’ve been binge watching TV like crazy. After the Daniel Craig as James Bond marathon, I jumped into Season 2 of Dead to Me. It was fantastic (with an awesome surprise guest appearance) and from there, I plowed through Upload (soooooo good!!) Last night was St. Elmo’s Fire followed by The Holiday. I’m annoyed that Showtime is releasing the new season of Billions one week at a time because I hate waiting. Next up is The Outer Banks. The preview looked ridiculous but I read an article this morning by a TV critic who really liked it so why not? Anything is better than the news. And while you might think some of my choices are garbage, I will make no apologies.

It’s nearly time for lunch and I have to make a decision. Do I spend the time to make a nice frittata or should I just eat some pre-made chicken salad with a cut-up apple dipped in honey butter? I’m leaning towards the latter. I can make the frittata tonight. I also want to look into recipes for donuts this afternoon, which is my next baking/cooking challenge. Donuts are dangerous on two levels – first, there’s the potential to get burned since donuts are generally fried in hot oil. Second, donuts are bad for the scale. I’m not worried about the first danger – I’ve been burned lots of time while cooking. The second danger is scarier. Maybe I’ll walk on the treadmill while reading donut recipes?!? That should help balance things out. Yeah, right.

Tune in next time for adventures in donut making!

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