Sparrows and Wasps

Today is a Red Flag Warning Day. I didn’t know what this was until I moved to Bend. Basically it means thunder and lightning without rain. No rain equals the potential for fires. Gusty winds are also likely to feature in the forecast though currently there’s only a light breeze. But it’s hot. And muggy. It’s 90 degrees right now and guess what? My fan and A/C decided to stop working yesterday. The A/C unit is turning on but no air is coming through the vents. Juno and I ended up sleeping downstairs in the guest room last night and I had a damp washcloth to keep us cool. Ugh. The joys of moving to a new house.

Of course you expect that you will have “issues” when you move into a new place and so far, the things I’ve found up to now have been minor. A few sticky windows, a lame shower head, an oven that runs cold, old weather-stripping on the doors… All of these things have been/ will be addressed. And of course I’ll be calling the HVAC peeps first thing tomorrow. But one thing that I did NOT expect were wasps. I was sitting outside the other week and noticed a couple of wasps flying around. The next morning, I found a nest under the eaves of the roof off the balcony. I looked up wasp removal online and decided quickly that this was something I did NOT want to do on my own. So I called an “all natural” pest removal company. Turns out there were five nests total – three dormant and two that were active. So yay, problem solved. Except now I’ve found that the wasps are rebuilding in the same spot. The pest peeps will be back tomorrow to retreat the area. And while I like the ideal of going all-natural, I’m kinda thinking that after the nest is removed, I might get my Clorox spray with bleach and give the area a few good squirts. Bleach is the best – and I think would be a good wasp deterrent.

In happier news, I just consumed my first Ocean Roll from Sparrow Bakery. I heard about Sparrow a few days ago while walking Juno… I was talking to a neighbor and she asked if I had heard about Ocean Rolls yet. I told her I hadn’t. Then again last night, another neighbor brought up Sparrow. Clearly this is a “thing” in Bend. So Juno and I just took a short drive up to Northwest Crossing, had a quick stroll and then waited patiently in line for about 15 minutes. I got one Ocean Roll. I managed to wait until we got home before diving in and OMG, it was amaze-balls. Imagine a fresh morning bun made with croissant dough filled with cardamom and vanilla. That is the Ocean Roll…

On our walkabout in Northwest Crossing, Juno and I also stopped into a local bookstore called Roundabout Books where I picked up Midnight Sun (part of the Twilight saga) by Stephanie Meyer. Catchy name (the bookstore, not the book) since it is located off one of Bend’s infamous roundabouts. I was also pleased to see that they host eight(!!) book clubs and so I immediately signed up for their newsletter so I can figure out which one(s) I want to join. Yay for book clubs!

That’s it for now. It’s 79 degrees in the house and I think Juno and I are going to lay low this afternoon. I will drink lots of water and read my new YA book and Juno will probably take a nap. All in all, not a bad way to spend a Sunday afternoon…

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